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RobinI started my journey behind the lens in high school on the yearbook staff. Our high school had championship football and hockey teams. As a result, many of my photos were used in the Denver Post. From there I transitioned into doing portraits.

As a background, I tended to prefer stunning landscapes and sublime patterns in life and this became my focus.

I also enjoy candid photographs of people at play, the cares of the world gone for a brief moment. Most, I cannot publish due to releases but they bring me great enjoyment.

I enjoy seeing patterns where I see them, either manmade or nature. I also take these and make jigsaw puzzles out of them.

That was an avocation, many years have been spent honing that craft through school, working with professionals, and self-taught.

For my vocation, my career has been in broadcasting, specifically radio. During my time, I worked many day-parts and produced programming from day to day music to political interview shows. As the industry grew from 45's and analog signals to MP3's and digital broadcasting, I adapted and changed with it through schooling and seminars.

That last station I was at, I converted to all digital and created a web presence for them. I was now hooked on web design.

Wanting to move on, I transitioned to a more visual medium, by taking my reporting skills and putting them to use in on-line journalism. In doing this, I created the first daily on-line newspaper in Washington State, Island Daily News.

After a year, I sold the site and took my skills to helping non-profits with networking systems and helping disadvantaged kids enter the computer age.

At this point in my life, I am still taking pictures and selling them, designing web sites for book authors, and converting years of audio interviews with historical figures to print.

I see stories in people's lives, art in everyday things.